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Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Features of ERP Software System

Integrated enterprise software features include:

Create Master Data

Central ERP software modules for links to all relevant master data source data. ERP software company to maintain a list of all customers and suppliers allows the company sells products, company materials, chart lists, employee data and information company owned equipment purchases. These figures do list next to the owner or key data as transaction data does not change often.

Maintenance of master data to create a software program, federal individual counties can be successful. If the master individual departments a chance to enter a multi-maintained files, and instead of a separate system to ensure such events do not need to be installed.

Master data must be entered before transactions. This figure appears in the list of transactions. For example, the sales invoice for a particular customer set, all user names will appear in the list. Users select the client's name and record sales invoice can be.

Transaction entries

Each ERP software allows the recording of the company's daily operations. Activities are nothing but business processes and each process in each set. For example, when goods are purchased in a purchase invoice is raised and the purchase of a business process data to be recorded. After installing the master data, business transactions can be entered.

Linking different transactions

Often be linked to other transactions transactions. For example, bills must be added to the distribution business, so that information such as number of births in the sales invoice can be generated. In addition, sales orders, invoices may be subject to the information in a particular order, and birth number is generated.


ERP software audit trail of transactions to ensure the detection limit. This feature allows the user to the source document and report back to the levels reported.

Data Management

ERP to support a centralized data management needs. Many times it may be necessary to maintain the data in some workstations can. Distributed data processing system, allows data to the ERP software, but allows the central administration.


ERP systems help to ensure the security permissions feature, so users must have access. When being paid, the software license should be allowed. For example, if a user creates a payment is not free to release payment.

Reporting module Trial Balance, Balance, Stock Ledger, General Ledger drawing data from different data files like the report generates. Database query tool for multiple databases and ad hoc reports are generated report.

Business Intelligence

Since the ERP software in large amounts of data collected, such managers will want to create a business intelligence data. Business intelligence tools in the integration of products although some ERP vendors, often a third-party business intelligence tools must be purchased. These devices feature needs to query and draw data from external sources to be able to create and report combined with the ERP database.


ERP Software offers e-mail, invoices, orders, notifications and claims allows the right places.

Rollback Service

A database transaction database, a set of operations plan succeeds or fails as a whole. If any operation is successful, the transaction fails, and the changes are committed to the database. If one drive fails, the whole transaction fails, and no changes are written to the database. The service is called the rollback feature.

Real-time verification

ERP Software is a real-time data verification to confirm the function of the previous transaction refers to. For example, the current account balance should be verified before a Czech. For another example, if a customer claims ahead of the customer must be verified prior to sale.

Web, which allows

ERP software allows you to enable the Web client or vendor of ERP software affect the company's Web-based interface. With fast communication will lead to greater satisfaction.
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